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TEI Analytical is an independent laboratory with a wide range of testing capabilities, from classical chemistry to state-of-the-art instrumental techniques. TEI® services help clients maintain effective quality control systems, document compliance with government regulations, and identify and correct errors early in the manufacturing process, saving both time and money.

TEI Analytical not only performs standard methods required for the Environmental Protection Agency, Nuclear Regulatory Agency, Food and Drug Administration, and other regulatory agencies, but also employs specialized techniques and methods tailored to the individual client’s needs.

Substances tested run the gamut from soil, air, water, food and pharmaceuticals, to inks, oils, adhesives, cosmetics, industrial wastes, metalworking fluids, and more. Tests identify and quantify heavy metals, trace elements, moisture, calories, organic matter, corrosive agents, pesticide residues, PCBs, and other compounds. TEI staff are also available for document review and expert witness testimony.